Who We Are

July Nine is an Oregon based brand focusing on unique American made goods. The name comes from the widest street in the world, July Nine Avenue, located in Buenos Aries, Argentina. But if it's your birthday we named it after you.

July Nine is made in America. Although challenging at times, this is what we are most proud of. Over the years, scores of manufacturing jobs have left our area to overseas and we desired to bring just a few of them back. What we didn’t realize is that it would also produce a wave of enthusiasm, excitement and hope back into that American dream to many who lost it during the last decades of American decline.

July Nine believes there’s still a lot of opportunity in this country and that “Made in America” products and home-grown ventures not only bring jobs back, but also draws a community of participants into the larger story, the story of American success.

July Nine was founded by Garrett Loveall in 2012.  After many years in engineering school, he decided to combine his passion for sewing and entrepreneurship to launch a business. His appreciation for clean line design and never ending pursuit to improve products set July Nine apart from the rest. July Nine now has a growing in-house team and is shipping thousands of bags around the world.