1. The Traveler // The carry-on you can pack in your carry-on so when you arrive you can carry-all.
2. The Student // Fits perfectly in backpacks and more importantly, dorm rooms.
3. The Adventurer // Every adventure requires some durable gear.
4. The Fashionista // They come in camo, need we say more?
5. Your Co-Worker // Because they’re cool *and* useful, not the typical co-worker gift combo.
6. The Mom // Pack in all the snacks, toys, diapers and change of clothes you may need. It carries it all with comfort and ease (Now that’s #momstyle) !
7. The Minimalist // Simple compact design. Done.
8. The Athlete // Insert workout clothes here.
9. The Foodie // Perfect for those fancy grocery stores where having your own bag means you’re in the club.